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Son of God Movie Review

Last night, Pastor Gabe went to go see a late showing of the film Son of God. Needless to say, it did not get very positive remarks in his book. "Inaccurate and boring" were the words he used to describe it. It's not recommended that you put forth the time and movie to see this movie. You can read his full review by clicking here.

In unrelated news, don't forget that our men's breakfast is coming up tomorrow morning at 9am. We're meeting in the fellowship hall of the church. The meal is free!

Sunday Evening Service at 6:00

The snow is not expected to start until late, so we're still going to have our Sunday evening service, tonight at 6:00. We're going to start in on a series in the book of Matthew. The introduction to this book, as well as understanding some differences between all four gospels, will be talked about this evening.

Next week, Pastor Gabriel will be gone. Joe Lackore will be doing both the morning and evening services. On Sunday morning, the sermon will be related to our Christian heritage. In the evening, he'll continue the series in Matthew looking through the genealogy of Christ.

Wednesday Night Activities Cancelled

Record snowfalls have cancelled school and closed Ft. Riley today. Likewise, we're also going to cancel our Wednesday night activities. There will be no fellowship meal, adult Bible study, or AWANA. Stay home and stay safe!

Men's Breakfast Cancelled

Our men's breakfast that was scheduled for this morning at 9:00 has been cancelled due to the snow. We will talk about whether or not to reschedule. In the meantime, stay in and stay safe!