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Wash Daily

This past Sunday, after finishing up our VBS week, Pastor Gabriel preached from Acts 9:1-31 about genuine conversion and the importance of daily confession. You can download the audio sermon from the player on the right, or click below to watch the video!

VBS Tuesday to Saturday, 6:00-8:20pm

It's the week of Vacation Bible School! Kids up through 6th grade we invited to participate in VBS! We're meeting Tuesday through Saturday from 6 to 8:20pm each evening. There will be snacks, games, crafts, great Bible stories, lessons, music, and more! Don't miss out! And we're also hosting an adult VBS in the garage classroom on the north side of the building. Middle and high school students are invited to that as well. We'll see you this week!

Series On Eldership

This morning, we begin a series on eldership. In case you missed what we talked about last week (the sermon didn't get recorded), here's a 90-second summary --

Happy Independence Day!

We have our freedom in the United States of America by the blood of soldiers who laid down their lives for this great nation. Let us also remember the freedom from death gained by the blood of Christ spilled on the cross for our sins. Freedom costs. Reflect upon that today as we celebrate our independence. Have a safe 4th of July!

Sermon On Modest Women

Coming up this weekend, we begin a series talking about leadership within the church and what the Bible has to say about who belongs in those roles. There will be some discussion between what is expected of both men and women. Before getting there, here's Pastor Gabe's sermon from two weeks ago, charging women to live modesty. (The sermon for the men on living lives of holiness can be found by clicking here.)