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Happy Thanksgiving!

A reminder that our offices will not be open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Likewise, we will not be having any Wednesday night activities -- AWANA, adult Bible study, or our fellowship meal. If there's anything you need to get done at the church, please come by on Monday or Tuesday. Have a happy Thanksgiving. Everything will resume as normal on Sunday. See you in church!

Yes, We're Still Having Church Today!

We got a little bit of a wintery mix last night, but we are still having services this morning. Traditional service will be at 8:30, Sunday school at 9:45, and our contemporary service at 11:00. We're starting today on a brand new series in 2 Timothy. Be sure to bundle up when you come because those Kansas wind chills are not forgiving!

Beginning a Series In 2 Timothy

Coming up Sunday morning, we begin our series in 2 Timothy. This is the last known epistle to be written by the Apostle Paul, encouraging his young co-worker, Timothy, to continue fighting the good fight of the faith. So we as Christians also need to continue to present the gospel zealously and accurately. Join us on this study of these four chapters for the next couple months. If you miss any sermons, you can find them in the player on the right side of the page.