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Yes, We'll Be Having Church!

Yup, we got a little bit of snow, but we'll still be having church on Sunday morning. Service times will proceed as usual -- our traditional service at 8:30 and our contemporary service at 11:00. Sunday school for all ages is at 9:45. The parking lots should be cleared out bright and early. Please come and worship with us!

Soldiers, War, and the Bible

This past Sunday, we finished our series in Titus by taking questions from the congregation. One of those questions had to do with the life of a soldier. How does the Bible speak of our soldiers, and what can we learn from them? This 18-minute clip seeks to give believers assurance from God's word.

One Last Titus Devotional Video

We've come to the end of our three-week study in the book of Titus. But there's one more video. You could consider this the left-overs from our other 15 five-minute devotional videos. Yes, it's the outtakes, the gag-reel, or whatever you want to call it.

Yes, We Have Church This Morning

We're getting a little bit of snow, but accumulation will be less than an inch and it'll move out by 10am. We hope you plan on joining this morning! A new family will be welcome to our membership, and we have a baptism to start off the 11:00 service!

David Bliesner is ill today. His class studying through the book of John -- that meets during our Sunday school period at 9:45 -- will not be meeting.

Titus 3 Devotional (Friday)

We hope you have enjoyed our short 5-minute devotionals through Titus. This marks our final devotional. But the videos will remain on our YouTube channel, so you can do this study again or review them whenever you like! Let us be a Christ-glorifying church, unified by his mercy and grace. Amen!

Titus 3 Devotional (Thursday)

Yesterday, in our devotionals through Titus 3, we talked about the reconciling and unifying power of the blood of Christ. Today, we see the possibility of disunity creeping its way into the body. We must recognize all-too-common attitudes of division, and commit ourselves to doing the work of God. Read all of Titus 3 and follow the video below!

Titus 3 Devotional (Wednesday)

You are encouraged to read through Titus 3 each day this week, and then follow along with our short 5-minute devotionals. Today, we're focusing again on the section from Titus 3:3-7, and talking about what it means to be reconciled.

Titus 3 Devotional (Tuesday)

Here's today's devotional in Titus 3! Read through the chapter and then follow the video below, as we study a different portion of the chapter each day this week.

Titus 3 Devotional (Monday)

Welcome to the third week of our study of the book of Titus! The sermon from yesterday has been uploaded (see the player on the right side of the page). You are encouraged to read through all of Titus 3, and then follow today's devotional video below, talking today about our ministry within the church and our witness to unbelievers.

The Art of Marriage Conference Saturday

We hope those who have registered for our conference are looking forward to being with us tomorrow morning starting at 9:00! You'll be given your workbooks when you arrive as well as a schedule of how the day will go. If you click on the "Calender" link above, you can get a brief look at how the sessions are divided. There will be coffee and donuts in the fellowship hall in the morning, and lunch and dinner are provided! (If you haven't yet paid the $60 admission, please plan on paying in the morning.)

Titus 2 Devotional (Friday)

We hope you have enjoyed our study through the book of Titus! This Sunday, we'll be starting in on chapter 3. That doesn't mean the study is over, though, as you'll be challenged during the week to read the chapter each day and follow the devotionals we'll post online. Here's Friday's video as we finish up Titus 2.

Titus 2 Devotional (Thursday)

This week, as we've been studying through Titus 2, we've been talking about the roles of men and women in the church. Older men are to instruct the younger men, and older women instructing the younger women. That is part of having a functioning body of Christ. Pastor Gabe presents today's devotional, talking further about the respective roles of men and women.

Titus 2 Devotional (Wednesday)

We hope that you have enjoyed these devotionals as we study through the book of Titus. This week, we've been looking through Titus 2 and talking about the roles of men and women in the church. Yesterday, we read through the instructions for older men. Today, it's the instructions for both the older and younger women. Read all of Titus 2 and then follow the video.

Titus 2 Devotional (Tuesday)

Our apologies for these videos not being as timely as last week. But we're catching up and we will get them up daily. The encouragement is to read all of Titus 2 every day this week, and then check out our website for the devotional video! Today we continue our discussion of the roles of men and women in the church.

Titus 2 Devotional (Monday)

Have you been following along with us in our study of the book of Titus? This week, you're encouraged to read all of Titus 2 every day, then check back with us and follow our short devotional videos. It's a great way to get disciplined to read the Word of God each day. Here's today's video.

Women's Bible Study This Sunday

Beki Hughes is going to be leading a ladies Bible study through the Sermon On the Mount. This study will meet on Sunday evenings at 6:00 in the fellowship hall of the church (come park around back). For the next 9 weeks, all the way up to Easter Sunday, Jen Wilkin of Village Church will lead our church women through Jesus's most famous sermon in ways perhaps they've never studied before. The course is free. You need no other material but to bring your Bible!

Titus 1 Devotional (Friday)

It's February 6, so if you're doing the Matthew study with your family, you'd be reading Matthew chapter 6 today. In your daily personal devotionals, read through Titus 1 again, and then watch our final video for this week. We'll start on Titus 2 this Sunday.

Titus 1 Devotional (Thursday)

Have you been keeping up with your daily reading in Titus 1? How about the challenge that Amy Bliesner gave to the kids to read one chapter of Matthew every day in February? We're challenging our congregation to be disciplined in their study of scripture. Here's Pastor Gabe's latest devotional video in our Titus series.

Yup, Wednesday Night Is Still On

Well, that was hardly even a dusting, wasn't it? All Wednesday night activities are still a go. Tonight's fellowship meal will be spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, and cookies. The price is $2 per child, $4 per adult, or $8 will feed the whole family. Then AWANA and Adult Bible study will start at 6:00!

Titus 1 Devotional (Wednesday)

The Apostle Paul instructed Titus to appoint elders in each church in Crete, also giving him a list of qualifications an overseer is supposed to meet. Even if we're not called to pastor or lead a church, the instructions given still apply to a pursuit of mature Christianity. Read all of Titus 1, and then follow Pastor Gabe's five-minute devotional video below.

Titus 1 Devotional (Tuesday)

All this week, you've been challenged to read the first chapter of Titus each day. To accompany your daily devotional, we've put together videos that will help you draw a different lesson out of your reading. Here's the video for Tuesday.

Titus 1 Devotional (Monday)

During our study of Titus, you've been challenged to read the through the whole first chapter every day this week. Then watch the video devotional that will be posted each day, focusing on a different aspect of the chapter and assisting you in your study. This is a great way to establish a discipline of regularly being in the word. Here's Monday's video!

Study In Titus

Pastor Gabriel started in Titus this morning preaching through all of chapter 1 (sermon to be posted in the player on the right this afternoon). He also challenged the congregation to read through all of chapter 1 every day this week, and follow the devotional videos that will be posted here on our website each day to accompany your devotional! Here's the promo for the study.

Yes, There's Church This Morning!

It's icy, but we're still having services today! Starting Titus 1 today, and our football party is still on for 5:00 as well. Be safe out there, and we look forward to having you in church if you can make it. "Hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught." Titus 1:9