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New and Prospective Members Class

Pastor Gabe is starting a new Sunday school class this week, August 2, beginning at 9:30. This class is mostly for new and prospective members, or for anyone who wants to know more about what the church teaches and the doctrines that we adhere to. We'll be meeting in one of the downstairs classrooms. If you come in through the back doors, go right, then hang another right down the next hall, and the classroom is at the end of that hall. The class will simply be called Church Doctrine. For more on our basic doctrines, click on the "About" tab above.

The Growing Tyranny of Our Government

A federal appeals court ruled last week that a pharmacy in Washington state is required to stock the morning-after pill which causes an abortion, despite the fact that the pharmacy's owner believes that life begins at conception. You can read the story here. The decision will be appealed before the U.S. Supreme Court. This ruling applies to more than just one pharmacy in one state. It applies to every pharmacy in the country. Pray for all those in high positions that they may come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Be involved in our political system by contacting your elected official and speaking up for those who have no voice (Proverbs 31:8).

New Daily Podcast!

Pastor Gabe has started a new daily podcast spun off of the popular When We Understand the Text video ministry. The podcast officially starts next week, but we've released the first episode a week early! This half-hour, Monday-to-Friday program will go through the scriptures (currently studying through Philippians) and also take questions from listeners. The most recent episode will be posted in the right hand column, or click on the player below. We will continue to have our weekly sermons posted under the Sermons tab.

Understanding When Life Begins

Joe Carter writing for The Gospel Coalition gives us some things to think about regarding Planned Parenthood's organ-harvesting operation. This is important for us to realize how a culture of death has been indoctrinating our society with their rhetoric. We need to be on guard and know how to teach our children in a godly way, using words that honor the Lord and respect His creation. We need to love all who are made in his image, including unborn children. Read the article here.

Q&A Over Our Study of Romans

We've reached a point in our study of Romans where we are going to break to respond to a few questions. The questions have been collected from the congregation and will be answered in today's sermon. The service begins at 10:30 (and don't forget Bible study at 9:30). Here's a short video on one of the questions we'll be addressing, related to the subject of modesty...

Q&A for Romans 1-3

Having just finished up a section of Romans that concluded with a message on human depravity this past Sunday, we take a moment to receive questions from the congregation and answer them in a sermon. The questions we'll be responding to address the subjects of depravity, homeschooling and public schooling, modesty, and essential doctrines. We hope you plan to be with us! Sunday school is at 9:30, and the worship service is at 10:30.

Women's Study Wednesday and Men's Breakfast Saturday

The ladies are continuing a study of Jen Wilkin's book Women of the Word, Wednesday evenings at 6:00 in the fellowship hall of the church. Beki Hughes and Kaelii Daniel are leading the study. If you don't have a book, that's alright! Come anyway and we'll get you set up.

Since we didn't have men's breakfast last weekend due to the holiday, we will be having it this Saturday! The free breakfast starts at 9:00am. Park around back.

Men's Breakfast Postponed

We will not be having men's breakfast this Saturday. It has been postponed until next week, July 11, still at 9:00. A reminder again that we are changing service times this Sunday. Classes for all ages will be at 9:30 and our combined worship service will be at 10:30.