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Beware of Falling Ice

Due to the weather, our offices are not open today (Monday, November 30). But we will be open tomorrow and our normal schedule will resume. Bible Lunch Tuesday will be at 11:25 and 12:50, feeding lunch to our high schoolers and sharing with them the Word of God.

Mothers of Pre-Schoolers meets this Wednesday at 9:00. AWANA starts back up in the evening at 6:00, and adult Bible study at 6:30. And don't forget that we serve dinner in the fellowship hall at 5:00! We hope to see you this week!

Yes, We WILL Be Having Church!

Well it has been an icy weekend, but that hasn't stopped people from getting around. Nor will it stop us from gathering together as the saints to kick off the advent season with worship to our God!

Yes, we will be having church on Sunday. Sunday school starts at 9:30 and worship at 10:30. Use caution when traveling. We will have the sidewalks salted for you!

UPDATE: Yes, the power is on and the heat is on. The parking lots are just wet, but not iced over. Come join us!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Did you know that it's considered to be the first holiday in America, and not only that but a Christian holiday? Did you know that the first constitution in the history of the U.S. is related to Thanksgiving? What does Thanksgiving have to do with the story of Joseph in Genesis? Pastor Gabe shares a brief history of the holiday in today's blog. Click here to read, and share it with your friends and family!

A Chosen Race (1 Peter 2:9-10)

Because of the influence that Ft. Riley has on the area, our church congregation is made up of a variety of different ethnicities and backgrounds, united together in Jesus Christ. The Bible says that in Christ, we are a chosen race and a holy nation. We are family not because of the blood that flows through our veins, but because of the blood of Jesus. From our When We Understand the Text ministry, this :90 video explains more...

Fire This Morning... But All Is Well!

Yeah, we had a little action this morning! A furnace in the east wing caught fire and filled the halls with smoke. Some burning embers were spotted the ceiling. The Junction City Fire Department came out and inspected everything. They got the smoke cleared out, determined there was no fire, and let us back in the building for worship and the sermon (now in the sermon player on the right, entitled "Creation Groans"). Everyone is safe and the building is fine -- minus one furnace, that is. Thanks to the Junction City FD and PD!

Pray for Paris

In light of yesterday's terrorist attacks, Pastor Gabe will be changing up the sermon this weekend, still in Romans 8 but focusing on verses 18-25. The title will be, "Creation Groaning." If you're wondering how you can pray for Paris in the face of such evil, Denny Burk, professor at Boyce College, offers a sound passage from Psalm 10. Read it here.

Join us for church tomorrow as we come together to rejoice in our common salvation. Sunday school for all ages is at 9:30 and worship with singing and preaching is at 10:30.

Potluck and Members Meeting Today

After church today, we're having one of our world-famous Southern Baptist potluck dinners! Please stick around after church and join us in the fellowship hall for some good food with good folks, sinners saved by the grace of God. If you're able, bring an entree, side dish, or dessert.

After the potluck, our members are encouraged to stay for the members meeting which will be held in the sanctuary. We'll talk about budget, Christmas, and next year's events.

Congratulations, Antonia!

Desiring to live her whole life for Christ, Antonia Ortiz was baptized yesterday before our congregation at the start of service. Congratulations, Antonia! We also welcomed the Dennis family as new members of FSBC.

This coming weekend, we've got men's breakfast on Saturday, starting at 9:00 in our fellowship hall. The breakfast is free! Then Sunday we have our potluck after church. Bring an entree, a side item, or desert if you are able. About the time we get finished eating, we will have our quarterly members meeting in the sanctuary, which should take about an hour. Plan on joining us!

Set Clocks Back, Come to Church, Dine With Us

Happy November 1st! Did you set your clocks back an hour on Saturday evening? Today, we're opening up Romans 8:1-11, and we're also welcoming you to the Lord's table to join us for communion. We have a baptism this morning, and some new members to welcome into our congregational family. Whew! It's a busy first day of November. And what better way to start it than with the children of God, praising our Lord for our common salvation in Christ.