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Pastor Gabe Returns With a Sermon on Romans 10:17

After traveling through 8 states, seeing dinosaurs in 2 of them, visiting with family and old friends, appearing on a nation-wide radio program and still doing ministry along the way, Pastor Gabe and his family are back! And this Sunday, he will be preaching from Romans 10:14-17 in a message entitled, "Faith Comes Through Hearing." Sunday school for all ages is at 9:30, and the service is at 10:30.

The sermons from the last two weeks as preached by our elders, Dave Bliesner and Chris Solano, are currently available in the column on the right. If you haven't seen our SermonAudio page yet, click here!

Sermon This Week Out of Romans 10

We hope that you'll join us for church this morning! One of our elders, David Bliesner, will be preaching from Romans 10, talking about how the words we speak should be a reflection of a heart that's been changed by Christ. Worship led by Miles McCall. Sunday school is at 9:30 and the service is at 10:30.

For what we believe as a church, click on the "about" tab. If you're curious about a specific doctrine, we have a video ministry called When We Understand the Text, started by Pastor Gabe. A complete list of videos sectioned out by topic can be found here. Over 100 videos, all just ninety-seconds long, covering a wide range of Bible subjects!

Finishing Up Romans 9

One of our elders, Chris Solano, will be preaching on Romans 9:30-33 and into a little bit of chapter 10 as we continue talking about the sovereignty of God. Sunday school starts at 9:30 and church begins at 10:30.

If you missed any of the previous sermons, you can catch them in the player on the right side of the page. Our sermons are being hosted through a new provider. We are now on Sermon Audio! (You'll need to resubscribe to us if you follow us on iTunes.) Visit our Sermon Audio page by clicking here, or by selecting any of the sermons in the menu on the right.

The Briefing With Dr. Al Mohler

Get news and events from a Christian worldview perspective! The Briefing is a daily 20-minute news update with Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

You can subscribe by going to and downloading the app. You can also click here, or try to find the podcast on iTunes. We highly recommend this program!

Saturday Breakfast (Men and Women)

On Saturday morning, we'll be having our church breakfast in the fellowship hall (park around back and come in through the double white doors). The breakfast starts at 9:00 and is free! Guys are doing the cookin'.

After everyone's eaten, we'll split into men's and women's Bible study. Men are encouraged to help the ladies by taking the children so they can enjoy their study in peace. Especially consider helping those wives whose husbands are deployed.

Wednesday Night Meal, AWANA, and Adult Bible Study

We're back into the swing of things tonight with our fellowship meal starting at 5:00. Deli sub sandwiches and Doritos are on the menu for tonight. Cost is $2 per child, $4 per adult, or $8 will feed the whole family!

AWANA for K-8th grade will begin at 6:00. The theme tonight is "sixteen." Wear sixteen of anything as we start of the new year, 2016! Adult Bible study will be in the garage classroom starting around 6:30. Pastor Gabe continues our study in Deuteronomy. Everything wraps up by 7:45. We hope you'll join us!

New 5-Minute Daily Devotional Program

Pastor Gabe, through the online ministry When We Understand the Text, has started a daily 5-minute devotional podcast. This short commentary through the Bible began today with a study through the book of Romans. Click here to listen and to subscribe! You can also find the podcast on iTunes.

WWUTT features over a hundred short videos addressing a number of Bible topics. We receive nearly 2,000 views per day from around the world. Click here to check out the website and a complete list of all videos!

Happy New Year!

We hope your 2016 is off to a great start! If you're able, please join us at church this weekend. For our first Sunday in the new year, we'll start out with a baptism and also be partaking in the Lord's Supper. Pastor Gabe will be preaching from Romans 9 on God's sovereignty.

All of our sermons are now available on Sermon Audio. You can find our audio page by clicking here. Sermons will still be listed in the player on the right, and under the Sermons tab at the top of this page.