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Marks of the True Christian

Today we continue a series on the marks of a true Christian according to Romans 12:9-21. Last week's sermon was entitled "Let Love Be Genuine." Today we'll be focusing on "The Needs of the Saints." Sunday school begins at 9:30 and the worship service is at 10:30. Our service includes a mini kids sermon we call Kids Connection, and we gather in song to lift up praises to our God and King! You can listen to sermons from recent weeks in the player on the right side of the page, or by clicking "Sermons" in the menu above.

Let Love Be Genuine

Pastor Gabe is preaching this morning on Romans 12:9-13, "Let Love Be Genuine," as we continue our series in the book of Romans. Don't forget to sign up as a volunteer for our upcoming Vacation Bible School the first week in June. We've also got a softball sign-up sheet, and we need help cutting grass and doing some general work around the grounds. You'll find our sign-up sheets and volunteer needs in the foyer!

The Body of Christ and Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Gabe will be sharing today from Romans 12:4-5 as we talk about being the body of Christ. We are one body with many members, and each has been given a gift according to the Spirit of God. What does this mean for us and how does it look in the church?

Since this is the first Sunday of the month, we will be partaking in the Lord's supper today. Prepare your hearts for worship!