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LGBT and How the Church Should Respond

Sunday is the one-year anniversary of the Obergefell v. Hodges decision that legalized gay marriage in America. The cultural landscape has changed a lot in just that one year. Presently our nation is stuck in a controversy over who gets to use what bathroom. Many churches are beginning to accept and conduct same-sex marriages and ordain gay and transgender ministers.

What is the Christian response in the midst of such confusion? How do we answer the culture, or more specifically witness to family members and loved ones who might be gay or transgender? The answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Gabe's sermon is entitled LGBT and How the Church Should Respond. The sermon is also in print form, and will be available for free to those who would like a copy.

Because of the adult nature of some of the information, and what's being inferred when we talk about this subject, some parents may not want their youngest children to hear this sermon. We will have a children's chur…

Bible Study Tonight in Joshua

We resume our study in the book of Joshua. We'll be meeting in the garage classroom behind the church starting at 6:30 (class will last for an hour). It's nice and air-conditioned. Hope you can make it!

Our fellowship breakfast has been moved to this Saturday. We'll be in the fellowship hall starting at 9:00. Then on Sunday, Pastor Gabe will resume our study of Romans 13, and we'll also be partaking in the Lord's Supper. Service begins at 10:30. Please join us!

At the End of VBS Week

Today, we are wrapping up our Vacation Bible School week with a sermon out of Galatians 5:16-26. The theme of VBS was Fruit of the Spirit, so Pastor Gabe will be preaching on that topic this morning! Thanks to Jubilee Kinney for coordinating and all of the volunteers we had who helped out. As you can tell from the video below, we had a great time!

VBS Week Wrapping Up! (No Breakfast Saturday)

We've had a great week learning about the fruit of the Spirit! There's one more night (Saturday) as we wrap things up. Then on Sunday, Pastor Gabe is going to direct the sermon toward what we've been teaching the kids. They've learned about the works of the flesh, the fruit of the Spirit, and abiding in Christ.

Because of the (awesome) decorations in the Fellowship hall, we are not going to have our breakfast Saturday morning. Rather, it will be postponed until June 11 at 9:00am. Likewise, we won't have communion this Sunday, but will wait until next week.

(Bi-Plane fly-in at the JC airfield Saturday morning!)