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The Doctrine of Original Sin

This morning, we continue a series through essential biblical doctrines, talking about the doctrine of original sin. All are born into sin since we are all descendant from Adam. It is necessary to understand that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). We are saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord! Sunday school starts at 9:30 and the service is at 10:30.

Essential Doctrines

What do we need to know about saving faith in Jesus Christ? How can we be sure that we believe in the right thing and not the heretical thing? Beginning this Sunday, we start off a 9-week series covering essential doctrines. To summarize what we will be covering, watch the following :90 video. Sunday school starts at 9:30 and the worship service is at 10:30.

Q&A Over the Book of Romans

Today, we officially bring our study of the book of Romans to a close with our final Q&A. Questions have been taken from the congregation and will be answered by the elders. Dave Bliesner and Chris Solano join Pastor Gabe on stage to offer wisdom from the word of God.

Since the anniversary of 9/11 falls on a Sunday, we will remember the events that happened in this country today 15 years ago with a short tribute video. Also, the worship we sing will be asking for the Lord's grace upon our nation. Sunday school is at 9:30, worship at 10:30.

Offices Closed for Labor Day

Due to the Labor Day holiday, our offices will not be open today. We will resume with our regular hours tomorrow. We're open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm, or Thursday and Friday by appointment. Enjoy the long weekend!

Church This Weekend (and No Breakfast Saturday)

We hope you're planning on taking advantage of the long weekend by doing some relaxing! Due to the holiday, we will not have our family breakfast on Saturday. It is being postponed until next week, September 10, still at 9:00.

But we will still be having the Lord's Supper during worship on Sunday, which we partake in the first Sunday of every month. Pastor Gabe will go back through Romans 12-16 highlighting key passages, then next week, we'll finish up our study of Romans with a Q&A. Service starts at 10:30.

Continuing Our Study in Judges

The adult Bible study, previously on Wednesday night, has now been moved to Thursday and will be held at the Hughes residence at 6:00 (note that it begins at 6:00 and not the old time of 6:30). We continue our study of Judges with chapter 13 and the story of Samson.

A chicken fiesta chili will be served, either on rice or on a tortilla if you prefer. If you have kids, you're welcome to bring them. There are places for them to play. If you attend FSBC and don't know where Pastor Gabe's house is, send us an e-mail and ask for the address.