Monday, November 26
10:00 – Pastor Gabe will be in his office at the church until 5:00.
5:00 – Elders meeting at Pastor Gabe’s

Tuesday, November 27
11:45 – Bible Lunch Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall
12:30 – Second BLT Lunch

Wednesday, November 28
5:00 – Fellowship meal ($2 per child, $4 per adult, $8 for the whole family)
6:00 – AWANA, Trek, and Journey

Sunday, December 2
SERMON: Thorn in the Flesh (2 Corinthians 12:1-10)
9:30 – Bible study for all ages
10:30 – Church worship service (including the Lord’s Supper)

Upcoming Holiday Dates
Our holiday potluck will be held on Sunday, December 9.
We’ll host our Christmas Eve service Monday, December 24 at 6:00.
There will be no AWANA December 26 and January 2 for the Christmas and New Year break.

Prayer Requests
Destiny Boone had to be taken to Kansas City this past week due to complications in her pregnancy, but she is home now and on rest. Praise the Lord that the baby is still healthy. Pray for an easier pregnancy! Pray for Julie Gyuran’s brother, Donnie, who has been diagnosed with cancer. He’s 46 and has young children. Pray for Brittany Armstrong and for Ramone Donahoe who are stationed in Korea. Pray for Joy Smith who is sharing the gospel in the Philippines, and that the Lord would protect her against the dangers that she faces. Pray for those families that will soon PCS this next month, including the Dunn, Dougan, and Springer families.