Welcome to the sermons page! In addition to the weekly messages on Sunday, Pastor Gabe teaches five days a week through the Bible on his daily podcast. Monday to Wednesday is New Testament study, an Old Testament book on Thursday, then a Q&A on Friday. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here, or on PodBean by clicking here.

Our pastor, Gabriel Hughes, and our congregation are committed to expository preaching. This means that the Scriptures determine the substance and the structure of the sermon. As much as we love our pastor, we're not trying to be conformed to his image but God's image. Expositional preaching is the truest and most sound way to understand the text.

By going verse-by-verse and looking at whole passages in context, using Scripture to interpret Scripture, we submit ourselves to the full authority of God's word. There are times that we have done sermons geared toward a particular topic. Such topics have included marriage, parenting, and calls to repentance. We have also done biographical sermons on biblical men of faith such as Paul, Daniel, and David.

But a steady diet in our church involves studying entire books of the Bible from beginning to end. In the past few years, we have studied Romans, Philippians, Colossians, and are currently studying the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians. We also have Sunday school classes teaching through other books of the Bible. The kids' Sunday school curriculum is called The Gospel Project which takes them through the whole Bible over a period of several years.

A sound understanding of Scripture is what has determined our doctrines as a church. We have not imposed our own doctrines, but have let God's word shape our understanding. For any questions about what we teach, visit the About page where we have listed our doctrines of faith.

When We Understand the Text (

Pastor Gabe has developed an online video ministry entitled When We Understand the Text (WWUTT). If you're curious about where he leans on a variety of different subject matters, you might find the topic you're interested in listed among the dozens of videos on the website.

Topics have included election, speaking in tongues, tithing, loving your neighbor, church discipline, the Trinity, eschatology, church attendance and giving, and various social issues, as well as exposing myths and false teachers. Almost all videos are only :90 long. Click the website link above.

If you'd like to speak with the pastor...

Pastor Gabe keeps a busy schedule during the week. But on Monday he is committed to being in his office from 9am to 5pm, including over the lunch hour, to visit about any need a person may have. That is the most available time to come and talk without scheduling an appointment. Otherwise, you will need to call ahead.

As we are an elder-led church, our other elders -- Dave Bliesner, Chris Solano, and Dwight Keptot -- are also committed to the spiritual care of our congregation. If there is anyone you'd like to speak with, or if you're interested in booking any of our ministers for a special speaking engagement, please call in advance. Our number is (785) 762-4404.

We offer counsel for free. The spiritual guidance that you will receive from our teachers is shared out of a compassionate heart rooted in the word of God.

If you have any questions about building and grounds usage, please visit the Ministries page and scroll to the bottom. We conduct weddings for members only. For more information about membership, click on the About page.