New Constitution Instruction Video

 These are Videos to help people walk though. the new Proposed Constitution and By-Laws. If you would like a copy of the document, they are on the "Free" Table as you enter the church in the upstairs lobby. The current constitution can be found on this site under, "What We Believe."

C&B #1: Our Current Constitution

C&B #2: Preamble and Name

C&B #3: Purpose Statement

C&B #4: Confession, Particulars and Dissolution

C&B #5: Membership pt. 1

C&B #6: Membership pt. 2

C&B #7: Membership pt. 3

C&B #8: Elders/Pastors

C&B #9: Deacons & Calling/Removing Officers

C&B #10: Committees, Staffing and Members Meetings

C&B#11: Final Draft Edits